Colin, who has previously been very successful teaching adult classes, has produced for us an easy to learn seven part bookkeeping course. For managers and business owners we suggest reading through the course with particular emphasis on lessons 1 and 2 and then further sections of interest such as Credit Control, Nominal Account Listings, the difference between Assets and Expenses, Depreciation and Stock Valuation.
The major content in each lesson are as follows:-
L1  The four simple rules for recording business transactions. An introduction to Double Entry Bookkeeping.
L2  Recording transactions in the Ledger. The Trial Balance.
L3  Books of Prime Entry. Sales Day Book, Purchases Day Book, Month End tasks, Aged Debt Analysis, Credit Control.
L4  Analysed Cash Book, Control Accounts, Journal Entries.
L5  Nominal Accounts Listings, Capital, Fixed and Current Assets, Liabilities, Income Accounts, Expense Accounts.
L6  Depreciation, Prepayments and Accruals, Bad Debt Provision, Stock Valuation.
L7  The Accounting Equation.
For anyone working in the accounts environment then full study of this course will enable you to study for the AAT professional bookkeeping qualification starting at Level 2. Much of the AAT Level 2 is covered by this course and passing Level 2 examinations will entitle you to the AAT bookkeeper Foundation Certificate.
It is essential to have a secure bookkeeping system and we consider Colin’s article “Duties of a Bookkeeper” a MUST READ for business owners and bookkeepers. Other articles included on the website include “How to Learn Bookkeeping”.


Accountancy packages overlap with the bookkeeping systems. From April 2019 small businesses in the UK that are registered for VAT will be making quarterly digital returns to the Revenue (apart from their VAT returns) and this requirement is scheduled to be extended to most small businesses a few years later.
An accountancy package we have been trialling has been compiled by accountants and I.T. specialists in the north of England. The package is Pandle and there is a free version as well as a low cost “Pro” version.
Colin’s articles for management accounting include “Prepare a Business Budget”, “Make Reports with Excel”, “Pay Less Tax UK” and “Small Business Cloud Accounting Software”.


There are many variations for compiling websites. We have tried to be as thorough as possible and warn against some options.
This website showcases the articles and services included in the website at AdminAdvice.com and both sites have been built from previous zero experience after following the course recommended. The websites are also hosted on some of the fastest, most secure servers and you could be quoted £100 or more per month for similar hosting.
You could be showcasing your own business on a similar website.
Our articles include “Simple Website Tutorials”, “Small Business Website Advice” and “Help with Starting a Business”.


Also within the AdminAdvice.com website are the following articles: “Small Business Admin”, “Prepare to Start a Business”, “Top Affiliate Marketing Program”, “Tips to Starting a Small Business” and “Writing a Good Business Plan”.


Our articles are included under the following categories:

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