*To provide FREE guidance in the administration requirements of a business.
*To protect businesses from inferior products and recommendations.
*To become the one-stop website for administration advice to businesses throughout the UK.
*To provide a pro-active website, encouraging people to contact us for FREE advice.
*To engage at the earliest possible time with people considering starting full-time, part-time or spare-time businesses and share our FREE expertise on how they might best prepare for their venture.


About half a million small businesses commence in the UK every year. Most of these businesses are highly skilled in their primary trades but are often lacking in knowledge on the admin side of running a business. Having a single website that provides full advice and tuition in bookkeeping, accounting packages, websites and much more, negates any worries people may have about the admin of their potential business.
Successful new businesses contribute to the growth of local economies and it is in everyone’s interest to encourage new enterprise. Successful businesses create additional trade for existing suppliers and services.
We recognise that many of the new-start businesses have a very limited sum to spend on bookkeeping, accounting, websites etc. For some the quotes they receive will delay or even destroy their ambitions.
The AdminAdvice website can provide impartial and often free solutions for businesses thanks to the support we receive from the local business-to-business (B2B) communities.
The success of small businesses will benefit established B2B operators in the long term.
In summary, AdminAdvice provides a valuable service to the small business community and those considering starting a business of any kind or size. The B2B community provides financial help enabling us to research admin matters and to respond to enquiries from our website visitors. 
We will be adding a directory of the B2B contributors and ask our new and established business visitors to acknowledge the help we receive from the local B2B’s listed therein by considering these businesses when purchasing products and services you may require.