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Would you like to create your own spare-time, part-time or full-time business? Don’t let a lack of admin skills hold you back.
The time before you start or even decide upon your business should be a time of learning.
Our FREE advice and tuition will assure you are best prepared for success.


We provide FREE advice on your market research, preparation of a business plan, choice of a business name, registering for tax, budgeting, deciding upon your bookkeeping/accounting package and choosing the best website options for your business.
For example, a FREE UK based cloud accounting package is perfectly suited to many businesses. We have several articles on website creation, including tuition to construct your own websites. 


Many businesses are using expensive accounting packages such as Sage, Xero and Quickbooks which can prove complicated. We can direct you to YouTube videos providing FREE training in these packages.
We introduce management  accounting and emphasise the importance of budgeting.

Here To Help

Welcome to a unique website dedicated to helping individuals and businesses succeed.

Until now it has been very difficult for new and smaller businesses to obtain guidance at a cost which is proportionate to the size of their business. With the support of established local business-to-business (B2B) suppliers and service providers we are in a position to offer FREE advice with the intention of creating wealth within our community.

A high proportion of our young people are intending to run their own businesses. Many stay at home parents would like the opportunity to learn skills from which they can build an income. Others would like to build an income in order to retire early or provide some extra security in retirement. For these people, as well as established businesses, we are HERE TO HELP.

Whether you have decided upon a business or just have an ambition for the future, it is important to commence with an understanding of why some businesses succeed whereas others are almost certain to fail. Articles within our website will enlighten you to best business practices and provide the confidence to progress.


Free Tuition

The tuition included within this website will benefit office workers, business managers, business owners and anyone looking for a change of career.

The free tuition we refer to includes our FREE seven-part, easy to learn bookkeeping course. YouTube video tuition in some of the most popular accounting packages and FREE tuition that will enable you to build your own WordPress websites – the first two websites that you create will also be hosted entirely FREE.

In just a few weeks you can have bookkeeping knowledge, be able to work with accounting packages and be able to create websites including creating their hosting.

Having the expertise to create websites has many advantages for a small business or self-employed trader. We show you a superior website creation course

Other tuition within our articles include the preparation of a business plan, producing a marketing plan, a business budget and providing monthly management accounts using Excel Spreadsheets.